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Clab- MDJ vs Fats Clab- MDJ vs Fats

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll be judging the CLABTRAP competition a lot more harshly, but I'd vote for MDJ here. I honestly felt like he had the better battle verses, he was battling. Fats seemed to only be trying to out-rap him, as his disses seemed weaker but flow and delivery more polished. MDJ had ok lines, but neither surprised me here. I simply think MDJ was the better of the two.

MCI - TK vs Eq MCI - TK vs Eq

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (TK):
I didnt really understand the counselor intro, but I was still very entertained through it, and I kind of liked the angle. I just don't think it should've been applied here. The name definition thing was good, solo act, jaw, no proportion, neanderthal, 4 feet tall, forced voice, razor to the beard. Nice verse, but nothing stood out to me. There were some decent and personal disses, just nothing that gave it that oomph it needed. The flow was good, you stayed on beat, and as usual, you brought a great delivery. I like your beat choice too, but that's just a preference.

Verse 2 (Eq):
Opened up with the irony punch immediately, great job. Dictionary flip, nice, the 3MO line was ok, , village in was good, emo-bangz was great, hepatitis C was ok, wants to be in an anime haha, 2MO good punch. Really nice verse here, on beat with a nice delivery too. The Emo-Bangz, Irony Punch, Dictionary Flip, and 2MO all stood out to me. Really nice verse.

Verse 3 (TK):
The impersonation was good, but I think you should've kept it at about 4 bars, you dwelled on it too much in my opinion. Show-flip was hilarious, porno-online not sure?, eq compressed wow great haymaker, village inn flip was nice too. You accepted that, like usual, TK came back pretty nice here. I was really entertained throughout, good job.

Verse 4 (Eq):
MGK bite, caveman flip was a damn good punch, screaming-average, catfished was ok, juggalo-tk, pasty haha. Nomore cuttin, you'll die today, wow nice. The only here I didn't really love was the "too poor to order food", just because he'd already accepted that he'd be at the Village Inn, that was kind of an obvious. I just wouldn't have said anything back. Really dope verse here though, I actually loved the small things, like how you used "Mr. Kellz" and "Tay", really made the verse hit harder to me.

Nice battle, TK was more entertaining, but I kind of honestly thought Eq took this one easy. Eq seems to be kind of matching his opponent's each round, getting better each time a better opponent is thrown at him. TK is great, but I felt like he took a lazy man's route here with the impersonation in the 2nd verse. 8 bars was way too much, and really he wasn't punching. I still think TK is a great battler, Eq just took this one for me. Good job guys.

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[S_Rock] Moon Helmet [S_Rock] Moon Helmet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an epic masterpiece. I'm actually glad you didn't leave Newgrounds for good, cause I wouldn't even know where else to find you at! This was great. The melody is changing, making everything stay fresh and still maintains an epic vibe throughout. Great name for the instrumental too, Moon Helmet, really represents the vibe throughout. Keep on trucking man, you definitely got something here!

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S-Rock responds:

This is what I do it for! my people! as long as I'm opening ears... I'll continue
Much appreciated bro