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Clab- MDJ vs Fats Clab- MDJ vs Fats

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll be judging the CLABTRAP competition a lot more harshly, but I'd vote for MDJ here. I honestly felt like he had the better battle verses, he was battling. Fats seemed to only be trying to out-rap him, as his disses seemed weaker but flow and delivery more polished. MDJ had ok lines, but neither surprised me here. I simply think MDJ was the better of the two.

MCI - TK vs Eq MCI - TK vs Eq

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (TK):
I didnt really understand the counselor intro, but I was still very entertained through it, and I kind of liked the angle. I just don't think it should've been applied here. The name definition thing was good, solo act, jaw, no proportion, neanderthal, 4 feet tall, forced voice, razor to the beard. Nice verse, but nothing stood out to me. There were some decent and personal disses, just nothing that gave it that oomph it needed. The flow was good, you stayed on beat, and as usual, you brought a great delivery. I like your beat choice too, but that's just a preference.

Verse 2 (Eq):
Opened up with the irony punch immediately, great job. Dictionary flip, nice, the 3MO line was ok, , village in was good, emo-bangz was great, hepatitis C was ok, wants to be in an anime haha, 2MO good punch. Really nice verse here, on beat with a nice delivery too. The Emo-Bangz, Irony Punch, Dictionary Flip, and 2MO all stood out to me. Really nice verse.

Verse 3 (TK):
The impersonation was good, but I think you should've kept it at about 4 bars, you dwelled on it too much in my opinion. Show-flip was hilarious, porno-online not sure?, eq compressed wow great haymaker, village inn flip was nice too. You accepted that, like usual, TK came back pretty nice here. I was really entertained throughout, good job.

Verse 4 (Eq):
MGK bite, caveman flip was a damn good punch, screaming-average, catfished was ok, juggalo-tk, pasty haha. Nomore cuttin, you'll die today, wow nice. The only here I didn't really love was the "too poor to order food", just because he'd already accepted that he'd be at the Village Inn, that was kind of an obvious. I just wouldn't have said anything back. Really dope verse here though, I actually loved the small things, like how you used "Mr. Kellz" and "Tay", really made the verse hit harder to me.

Nice battle, TK was more entertaining, but I kind of honestly thought Eq took this one easy. Eq seems to be kind of matching his opponent's each round, getting better each time a better opponent is thrown at him. TK is great, but I felt like he took a lazy man's route here with the impersonation in the 2nd verse. 8 bars was way too much, and really he wasn't punching. I still think TK is a great battler, Eq just took this one for me. Good job guys.

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[S_Rock] Moon Helmet [S_Rock] Moon Helmet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an epic masterpiece. I'm actually glad you didn't leave Newgrounds for good, cause I wouldn't even know where else to find you at! This was great. The melody is changing, making everything stay fresh and still maintains an epic vibe throughout. Great name for the instrumental too, Moon Helmet, really represents the vibe throughout. Keep on trucking man, you definitely got something here!

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S-Rock responds:

This is what I do it for! my people! as long as I'm opening ears... I'll continue
Much appreciated bro

MCI - Eq vs Braidz MCI - Eq vs Braidz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (Eq):
Killed it. Hilarious jokes, opened up cleverly, great job. Nice disses, good flow, good delivery, this verse is gonna be hard to follow and I don't really see much to criticize about it other than the pronunciation on "best performer/ance" in my bracket, cant tell which you were trying to say, but other than that, nice verse.

Verse 2 (Braidz):
Honestly, real tough time understanding you here. I hate it too, cause I've never been the type of judge to say "can't understand your foreign accent u lost" but I honestly can barely understand what's going on. Some of the punches I got, but they didn't hit as hard as Eq's verse. The flow was ok from what I could tell, but it just all kind of seemed sloppy.

Verse 3 (Eq):
As far as I can tell, you finished it up here. Immediate accent diss, mic diss, plenty of good disses here. Great job really, I didn't hear a lot of filler at all infact, really surprised.

Verse 4 (Braidz):
Its still hard to understand you, but the more I listen to the battle over and over, I'm kind of getting it. However, your punches just weren't delivered right, and didn't hit that hard to me. I'm sorry man, but Eq took this.

To be fair, I actually understood you perfect and enjoyed your battle vs MC-OG, but for some reason here you seemed really sloppy. Eq took it with hilarious punchlines, clever jokes, and was a lot more entertaining to listen to, so I have to give it to him. Good job to both, and props to Eq.

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MCI - Eye Cue vs Jakobe MCI - Eye Cue vs Jakobe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (Eye Cue):
Great battle verse, wow, I'm honestly surprised at how well you've adapted from the comments of last round. With that being said, you had some good personal punches here, family fun and game room was great, only the Ds out ya alphabet soup was a hilarious line. Whether gay joke or not, it was intwined with a young diss as well, which turned it personal. Good verse.

Verse 2 (Jakobe):
As expected, Jakobe the Flip-Magician is back. Immediately opened up good with the gay joke line, nice IQ diss, double-time better than yo was ok, the daughter lines were really personal and, honestly, funny. I shouldn't laugh but the fact that he went there, made me laugh. Great verse here too, wow. At this point, I'd say Jakobe has the upper-hand.

Verse 3 (Eye Cue):
Good opening line, really good, and the double-time flip was ok as well. Slant rhyme defense was good, but the rest wasn't as impressive as the first. This is where you fell off a tad bit here. Like I said, you had some ok defensive points and a good opening line, but nothing after that seemed that clever. Still a good battle verse, but I feel like it won't be enough.

Verse 4 (Jakobe):
Slant-rhyme diss or not, your delivery almost killed you here. The lyrics were funny, some were clever, as usual you came with good flips and disses, but in-trying to mock him on the slant rhyme gimmick, you failed to execute a great delivery. The lyrics, however, looking past the delivery, were funny, amusing, and good. Overall, lyrically, a good verse, but polish up your flow. You seemed to fall off near the end against LT as well.

Basically, I'd say I'd have to give it to Jakobe for coming in with decent flips and some hilarious punches. The delivery and flow on his 1st verse helped a lot, and it fell off in this 2nd, but not so much that it warranted a loss in my mind. Eye Cue fell off through the 2nd verse in my mind as well, but still brought it. This is also a good battle, but overall, I think both of you need to work on consistency. With that being said, I'll give it to Jakobe for having a rock-solid defense lyrically.

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MCI - War Spawn vs RJA MCI - War Spawn vs RJA

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (War Spawn):
Good start off, on-beat, some decent punches, bigger dick than me. Kind of felt like he was flipping in his 2nd verse with his punches, and that was refreshing. Stayed on-point through, kind of stale mentioning the loss to Flex, but still somewhat personal. The SJD comparison was a good hit.

Verse 2 (Richard J Amtmann III):
Opened up with good delivery, some nice points on the re-hashing. I'm not really sure what "You're 23" meant, but there were good punches, personal attacks on his sampling. The comparison to Wu Tang was ok, a lot of people try to be like them and fail these days. Leather jacket was ok, and you ended it very well. The delivery here, is what helped more than anything. Close battle still.

Verse 3 (War Spawn):
Opened up great, flips all day, nice. Stayed on-beat throughout, could've been more versatile with the flow but it works. The Wu-Tang flips were good, I really thought that flip hit the most, newgrounds irrelevant. Ended very well, really enjoyed the delivery and punch there. Great battle, great job done.

Verse 4 (Richard J Amtmann III):
I can tell you were having problems with the beat, but you still brought great punches and flips. Every loss was on Newgrounds, same glasses, the reaching diss didn't seem to make sense as you seemed to be reaching the entire verse, but it was still overall a good verse. Ended the verse very, very well. This is a tough battle.

This is the toughest battle to judge this round. War Spawn really brought it, but RJA was flipping a lot of what he was saying. Really tough battle, but in the end, I'd say RJA's delivery just pushed him over the edge for me. I thought the lyrics were about even, and both rappers were on-beat (given the beat-switch at the end), but RJA brought a delivery that just made his punches hit harder, so I'll have to give it to him. Honestly, tough battle. I'd rather call a tie, but that would mean I've wasted my time even writing this. Sorry, but I'll go ahead and say Richard J Amtmann III to advance.

MCI - Butsaay vs TK MCI - Butsaay vs TK

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (Butsaay):
Funny intro, no points for that though, but good job at keeping us entertained from the start. As far as the verse goes, really solid punches throughout. Immediately came out swinging with the Justin Simon attack, greasy hair attack-the mcdonalds imagery was dope, built-in lens for photos was hilarious. Ended it well, the 3MO punches could've hit harder, but still a good wrap up to your verse.

Verse 2 (TK):
Crack den flip immediately, great delivery as usual, name-flip nice, oh the Butsaay talking out of his ass line was a great punch, some jewish punchs were ok, maybe dwelled on that aspect too much. Three little pigs line was dope, good flow, nice wrap-up, at this point this battle is just plain crazy!

Verse 3 (Butsaay):
Immediately a nice opening flip to his verse, no germany flip nice, ask Chaotic for the buttsex wow haha, E.T. phone home was quick and funny, 12-year old 3MO Walk With Me was dope, and great "Not Good Enough" reference, really good verse. Lets see where this goes.

Verse 4 (TK):
Immediate flips, good job, credibility flip, nice defense. Burnin you like a jew, battling with me, learn to enunciate, good one, and great ending. Nice wrap-up, the ending made it seem like you were honestly angry, which was very entertaining and props on that but no points on that, sorry.

Overall, great battle. It stayed entertaining throughout, really caught my ear, but one of you gotta go. So with that being said, I feel like Butsaay took it here. TK has a great delivery and flow, some clever lyrics, good solid punches, but Butsaay just brought it harder in my mind. He came with almost every single line being a personal attack on TK's life and/or his music, he was on-beat and I kind of like his flow and delivery, its unique. So I gotta give it to Butsaay. It sucks to see a champ fall in this one, but its dope to see the under-dog come out on-top too. So great job guys, keep it up.

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MCI - JLG vs Butsaay MCI - JLG vs Butsaay

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (JLG):
Opened up with a nice battle flow, understandable and funny, really loved the scottish lines, definitely a great punch there. There was some filler, but you seem to understand the battle concept and that's great, you went personal here and there. Dope verse.

Verse 2 (Butsaay):
Great opening flip, the knock-out flip was definitely, and ironically a knock-out punch. Most of what was said in this was personal, not filler, but you definitely have a different voice. Unique flow, I'm kind of digging it. Loved the verse, I'd give the upperhand to Butsaay at this point, but its still a good and close battle.

Verse 3 (JLG):
The first filler line, was random, but I know why you used it, and still, kind of random to me. I'm not sure what the ear shots thing was, but the mimicking was funny, I'll give you that. Knocking out more than just a filling, big nose, all good personal disses. Less filler in this, but I didn't hear a knock-out punch, more like small attacks. Good verse, but I don't know if its enough. We'll see.

Verse 4 (Butsaay): He finished it here, opened up great, and ended great. A few good punches, eyes so wide apart was a funny as hell punch, dope verse. I gotta give this battle to Butsaay here.

In the end, I noticed that JLG had funny punches, dope lines, a great battle flow, but Butsaay came with knock-out punches and flips that just had me rolling. On-top of that, I for some reason, personally enjoyed his unique voice and unique flow, I was really digging it, but I just really feel like his lyrics out-shined and thats why I'm giving him the win.

MCI - Ltrane vs Jakobe MCI - Ltrane vs Jakobe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (Ltrane):
Opened up with filler, a lot of filler throughout, and the flow was slow but somewhat entertaining for a battle. I liked the mom/dad diss, the boy model diss, and the TC diss, they were ok. I also liked your ending, but still I didn't hear any knockout punches in this verse.

Verse 2 (Jakobe): Punch after punch, you came in this immediately attacking and flipping lines. The double every line, the FB Page diss, the TC wanna-be flip was dope too. A couple great punches, but this is still a close one. Great verse though.

Verse 3 (Ltrane): Big quality difference, but the lyrics weren't bad at all. There was a lot of filler again, but still some good disses, with an easily understood flow, nice. The mattress line, but dissing him twice on the male model thing, was a bad move. You already mentioned, its good to move on from it now. Beat by bieber ending was ok, but became wack the minute Jakobe laughed at it. At this point, its still close, but I'm expecting a finisher from Jakobe.

Verse 4 (Jakobe): I was expecting it, and it happened. Great disses, great flips, worse flow, but still dope. The underestimated ending was a great personal punch as well, the flow pertains to rhythm flip was good too, and the slow-flow diss was great. The dipshit-bitchin line was ok too, gave me a good laugh. I think Jakobe finished it off with this last verse.

Overall, good job to both competitors, Ltrane had some good stuff, but Jakobe just came with it. He had some filler too, don't get me wrong, but in the end, he just had more personal punches and better flips, with a nice smooth flow. Gotta give it to him, good job.

MCI - Teqneek vs Eq MCI - Teqneek vs Eq

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (Teqneek):
A lot of multi-syllabic attacks, but nothing was too personal, other than a few disses, which were the mixtape diss and the wife disses, but only God knows if the wife disses were even true, and if they weren't, that makes them kind of irrelevant. Great flow though, good multis, decent verse, just nothing special. Overall, great flow, nice multi-syllables, and good delivery, but none of the lyrics really stood out.

Verse 2 (Eq):
Great opening flow/delivery, nice PiGPEN diss, I liked the Teq's is (Texas) BBQ line too, it was clever but didn't feel like a very good punch. My Teqneek is flawed was good, the tron line was funny but impersonal, and the SJD/BCT line was ok as well the end of your verse. At this point, Eq has the lead for me.

Verse 3 (Teqneek):
More mutli-syllabic rhyme schemes with a dope flow and good delivery, but again, the lyrics aren't surprising me. The teqneek name flip-flip was dope, teqneek is in the mud was ok too, but the rest weren't too good. Docter mentioned the Pink Elephants last battle, and Eq denied it, so you opened yourself for ignorance in that one. Like I said though, nothing that surprising, honestly, I'd give it to Eq right now.

Verse 4 (Eq):
Opened up with nothing but dope flips, nice.. and then a great "files diminished" punch right after that too. Definitely a dope hit. Not sure about the Eye Cue bars, I would've stayed away from those until you saw the victory, but not too big of a deal. The hair over your ears was funny too, but again impersonal, but every battle has some filler. I loved the double-time flip and ending it with the pronunciation punch, great job.

In the end, I'd have to give this to Eq. I like Teqneek's music, but there was nothing in this battle from him that was all that clever. I mean the wife disses were funny, but most of Teqneek's disses were just "You're in a band, they suck." or "You suck." in multi-syllabic form brought with a great delivery. To be honest, that would have been ok, but still, there wasn't much of anything too personal other than the usual "your music sucks" disses. I'd also like to point out, that while Eq came with some good disses, I didn't hear the hard-hitting knockout punches that I was expecting to hear from a 1 seed, but still, I think he took this without question.